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Are you among the 80% striving for a wholesome dinner but struggling to find options that truly satisfy your palate?

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Witness the enchanting metamorphosis of Origins by night, beckoning you to indulge in heartwarming delights, ideal for communal enjoyment, promising an exit leaving you uplifted.

Embark on a visit and embrace the equilibrium of a vibrant culinary journey set within a welcoming environment.

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Evening Menu

To Start

  • 40. Duo of Hummus
    40. Duo of Hummus 7,50

    Traditional and beetroot hummus with grilled pita bread and crudities for dipping

  • 42. Summer Vietnamese rolls
    42. Summer Vietnamese rolls 8,75

    Fresh minted julienne vegetables, wrapped in a gluten free rice paper roll and served with a peanut dipping sauce.

  • 44. Burrata
    44. Burrata 8,95

    With green pesto, powdered black olives, Serrano ham and a lentil falafel

  • 52. Lentil falafel
    52. Lentil falafel 9,00

    Beluga lentil falafel served with beetroot hummus, chickpeas and our zesty Origins’ yogurt salsa.

  • 46. Smoked Aubergine
    46. Smoked Aubergine 8,95

    With crispy rice, chickpea hummus and a raspberry sauce.
    nuts sezamesulfates

  • 47. Pumpkin, Ginger & Coconut Cream
    47. Pumpkin, Ginger & Coconut Cream 7,50

    Hot cream of moschata pumpkin, aromatic ginger and coconut soup. Accompanied with sourdough bread.

Main Courses

  • 50. High Protein Mezza Board
    50. High Protein Mezza Board 18 P.P

    Available for 2 or more.
    Two arabic herbed meatballs
    Skewers of beef marinated in arabic spices
    Honey and mustard roast chicken strips
    Shakshuka eggs or scrambled tofu
    Classic hummus
    Beetroot hummus
    Baba ganoush
    Origins guacamole
    Mixed green salad
    Pitta bread

  • 51. Honey & Mustard Chicken
    51. Honey & Mustard Chicken 13,25

    Charcoal oven roasted chicken breast marinated with honey and mustard, accompanied with sweet potato and fresh Origins’ guacamole.

  • 91. Grains bowl
    91. Grains bowl 14,00

    Protein (chicken or tofu), spicy rocket, Origins black rice, beetroot hummus, cabbage sauerkraut, chopped chives, puffed quinoa, coconut flakes, pomegranate and lemon peel.
    dairy sezame sulfates

  • 62. Charcoal roasted salmon
    62. Charcoal roasted salmon 16,50

    Oven roasted salmon fillet on a bed of Origins’ wild rice, accompanied with sweet roasted pumpkin and a saffron sauce.
    fish dairy nutscelery

  • 63. Arabic herbed Meatballs
    63. Arabic herbed Meatballs 10,95

    Drizzled in tahini sauce with pico de gallo, lime and smoked tomato, with smashed, crispy Canarian potatoes

  • 64. Origins Wow Chicken Curry
    64. Origins Wow Chicken Curry 10,75

    With zucchini, aubergine, onion and mushrooms. Served with an almond and lemon basmati rice.

  • 65. Skewers of Beef Marinated in Ras El Hanout
    65. Skewers of Beef Marinated in Ras El Hanout 13,00

    Tender beef skewers marinated in deep, rich, arabic spices served with sweet potato cubes.

  • 66. Origins Sweet Potato and Broken Eggs
    66. Origins Sweet Potato and Broken Eggs 9,95

    Fried eggs with Serrano ham, spring onion, poached onion and sriracha mayo on with sweet potato cubes

  • 92.Spiced trail
    92.Spiced trail 14,00

    Protein (chicken or tofu), roasted pineapple, spicy rocket, feta cheese, fried sweet potato, Origins fresh guacamole and smoked aubergine baba ganoush, mango curry dressing, salted granola, poppy and toasted almond flakes.

  • 55. Beef Takaki and Sweet Potato
    55. Beef Takaki and Sweet Potato 16,50

    Spiced beef tatami served with sweet potato, roasted peppers and baba ganoush
    nuts celery sezame fish

  • 68. Shakshuka or Scrambled Tofu
    68. Shakshuka or Scrambled Tofu 9,95

    Served with an almond and lemon basmati rice and rustic sourdough bread

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