You know you should be eating healthier food.
Origins is the reason you'll want to. 


Our dishes aim to be free from sugar and artificial flavourings so you can supercharge your body guilt-free to leave you feeling nourished, satisfied and full, day after day.



All served with gluten free cornbread
9am – 12pm


  • 61. Eggs Florentine with Salmon 8,95

    Two poached eggs, topped with bechamel sauce, spinach, grated cheese and salmon.

  • 62. Eggs Benedict with truffled mushrooms and Iberian Ham 8,95

    Two poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms, Iberian ham, truffle oil and Hollandaise sauce
    dairy egg

  • 63. Origins Pan Tumaca 6,50

    Toasted cornbread painted with salmorejo (tomato paste) topped with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, basil, spirulina and extra virgin olive oil.


  • 64. Sunrise 7,00

    Açai, homemade gluten free nut granola, banana, coconut milk, fresh berries, sliced seasonal fruit, hemp seeds, chia seeds, macadamia nuts.

  • 65. Good Soul 7,00

    Porridge of tricolour quinoa bathed in coconut milk, topped with oatmeal, seasonal fruit, caramelised almonds, puffed quinoa and goji berries.
    nutscelery mustard sezame

  • 66. Sweet Morning 7,50

    Pancake topped with ricotta cheese, maple syrup, fresh fruit, berries, toasted almonds and pomegranate seeds, finished with a touch of cream.

Sharing Plates

  • 41. Charcoal oven roasted sweet potato 6,95

    Topped with chickpeas, fresh Origins’ guacamole, pico de gallo and basil.

  • 42. Summer Vietnamese Rolls 6,95

    Fresh minted julienne vegetables, wrapped in a gluten free rice paper roll and served with a peanut dipping sauce.
    sezame sulfates

  • 43. Egg, avocado and mushrooms 7,95

    Poached egg, fresh Origins' guacamole and sautéed mushrooms on a bed of lightly spiced cornbread. Topped with red onion, poppy seeds and tomato dust.

  • 44. Charcoal oven roasted corn ribs 6,50

    Char-grilled sliced corn on the cob, oven roasted in a mint yogurt sauce.

  • 45. Grilled heart of cabbage 6,75

    With sautéed lentils and our zesty Origins’ yogurt salsa.

  • 46. Smoked aubergine 8,50

    With roasted pistachios, chickpea hummus and a raspberry sauce.

  • 47. Sliced smoked pumpkin 6,75

    Topped with coconut and almonds flakes, toasted pumpkin seeds and our zesty Origins’ yogurt salsa.
    dairy nuts

  • 48. Sweet potato toast with avocado 7,95

    Roasted sweet potato topped with a poached egg, cured cheese, fresh Origins’ guacamole and dried tomato. A dish created by Luna Zacharias, author of “Cocina rica en buen humor".

Goodness Bowls & Salads

Goodness Bowls

  • 31. Roots Bowl 9,50

    Roasted butternut squash and carrot, kale, crispy corn, sautéed chickpeas, hummus, smashed, crispy Canarian potato, red onion and toasted pistachios topped with agave syrup, zesty Origins' yogurt sauce and spicy pumpkin seeds.
    cereal nuts

  • 32. Green Bowl 9,25

    Tricolour quinoa, mixed leaves, spinach and spicy rocket topped with fresh Origins’ guacamole, roasted pumpkin, sautéed mushrooms, beetroot, pico de gallo and cucumber. Finished with herbs, seeds and a light dressing.
    soybean nuts sulfates

  • 33. Sweet Nature Bowl 9,95

    Sweet potato, almond flakes, rocket, red lettuce, red onion, pico de gallo, chickpeas, goats cheese and caramelised candy nuts. Topped with blueberries, beetroot dust and a ginger and a honey vinaigrette.
    dairy nuts

  • 34. Pacific Fusion Bowl 9,25

    Sautéed edamame beans, red cabbage, Origins wild rice, roasted pumpkin and cherry tomatoes with kiwi cream, rocket and wakame, topped with chilli, coconut powder and sesame oil.
    nuts celery sezame

Salad Bowls

  • 37. Ceasar's Spring 8,95

    Mixed leaves, roasted pumpkin, broccoli, cucumber, beetroot hummus, cherry tomatoes, red onion, lychees and grated parmesan cheese. Topped with avocado and coconut sauce with almond flakes.

  • 38. Fresh Energy 8,95

    Tricolour quinoa, rocket, spinach, sautéed mushrooms, beetroot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, watercress and raspberry sauce, seeds, toasted pistachios and fresh Origin’s guacamole.

  • 39. Spiced Trail 8,95

    Spicy rocket, hints of mango curry, goats cheese, fried sweet potato, Origins' guacamole, baba ganoush, toasted pistachio's, almond flakes, poppy seeds and honey pollen.
    dairy nuts sezame sulfates

Boost up your bowl

For a supercharged health boost we recommend adding 2-3 extras to your bowls




  • 01. Beluga Lentil Falafel Half Topping 2,50 - Side portion 4,25
  • 02. Spiced Marinated Tofu Half Topping 2,75 - Side portion 4,50
  • 03. Charcoal Roasted Salmon Half Topping 4,00 - Side portion 6,95
  • 04. Angus Sirloin Beef Tataki Half Topping 4,00 - Side portion 6,95


  • 05. Marinated Mexican Chicken Breast Half Topping 3,25 - Side portion 5,50
  • 08. Chickpea humus with paprika Extra 1,75 - Side 2,95


  • 09. Charcoal oven roasted baba ganoush Extra 1,75 - Side 2,95
  • 10. Beetroot humus topped with chickpeas Extra 2,00 - Side 3,30
  • 11. Fresh Origins’ guacamole with grapefruit Extra 2,75 - Side 4,75
  • 12. Fried sweet potato with 100% natural toasted almond flakes Extra 2,75 - Side 3,85


  • 13. Roasted butternut squash Extra 1,75 - Side 2,95
  • 14. Roasted carrot Extra 1,75 - Side 2,95
  • 15. Diced pumpkin, maple syrup, red onion, toasted pistachio and chilli. Extra 1,75 - Side 2,95


  • 16. Pico de gallo Extra 2,75 - Side 4,75
  • 17. Smashed, crispy canarian potato Extra 2,70 - Side 4,95


  • 22. Curry mango sauce 1,25
  • 23. Raspberry sauce dairy 1,25
  • 24. Thick and nutty muhamara sauce nuts 1,25
  • 25. Saffron sauce dairy 1,25
  • 26. Zesty Origins' yogurt salsa 1,25
  • 28. Peanut Sauce nuts 1,25

Main Plates

Large portion of protein (240g), mixed green leaves and two garnishes.

  • 51. Mexican Chicken 12,25

    Charcoal oven roasted chicken breast marinated with Mexican spice, accompanied with sweet potato and fresh Origins’ guacamole.

  • 52. Lentil Falafel 9,95

    Beluga lentil falafel served with beetroot hummus, chickpeas and our zesty Origins’ yogurt salsa.
    dairy sezame sulfates

  • 53. Spiced Tofu 10,95

    Oven roasted, 48-hour marinated tofu, served with tricolour quinoa, pico de gallo and fresh Origins’ guacamole.

  • 54. Charcoal roasted salmon 14,95

    Oven roasted salmon fillet on a bed of Origins’ wild rice, accompanied with sweet roasted pumpkin and a saffron sauce.
    fish dairy nuts celerysulfates

  • 55. Angus Beef Tataki 16,95

    Dry spiced sirloin of beef tataki with Origins’ wild rice, accompanied with oven roasted baba ganoush and a thick nutty muhammara sauce.
    nuts celery sezamesulfates

  • 56. Hot coconut and pumpkin soup 8,95

    With avocado cream and toasted sunflower seeds

Superfood Smoothies & Drinks


  • 101. Green Machine 5,25

    Spinach, celery, broccoli, banana and pineapple.

  • 102. Tropical Boost 5,25

    Melon, mango, kiwi and pineapple

  • 103. heartbeet 5,25

    Mango, beetroot and carrot

  • 104. Feeling Fruity 5,25

    Mango, passion fruit, pineapple and lemon

  • 106. Fresh Orange Juice 2,95

    Freshly squeezed orange juice made to order.

  • 107. Flavoured Water 0,40cl 1,60

    Ask you waiter which of our freshly pressed, flavoured waters are available today.

Ginger Shots

  • Ginger Lemon Shot 0,60cl 3,25

    Non-alcoholic - Punchy and vibrant, our cold pressed health shot is made with ginger, fresh lemon juice, Pressed from fresh ginger root for maximum impact and with no added sugar, made with natural honey.

  • Turmeric Lemon Shot 0,60cl 3,25

    Non-alcoholic - Punchy and vibrant, our cold pressed health shot is made with Turmeric,ginger and fresh lemon juice, Pressed from fresh turmeric root for maximum impact and with no added sugar, made with natural honey.


Symbiosis of micro-organisms and yeasts

  • 111. Red Berries 4,50

    Mineral water, organic cane sugar, organic tea, kombucha culture, organic blueberries and organic strawberries.

  • 112. Green Vida 4,50

    Water, organic green tea, lemon, lime, mint, organic cane sugar, kombucha culture.

  • 113. Ginger 4,50

    Mineral water, organic cane sugar, organic tea, kombucha culture, organic ginger and lemon.

  • 114. Apple, Cinnamon & Vanilla 4,50

    Micro-filtered water, organic cane sugar, blend of green tea, kombucha culture, apple, vanilla and cinnamon.

Sweet Corner

As free as can be from sugar, gluten, lactose and artificial flavourings

  • 71. Avocado Pudding 5,75

    With white chocolate and coconut ice cream
    egg dairy nuts

  • 72. Snickers Cake 5,75

    Caramel, hazelnut and chocolate cake.
    soybean dairy nuts

  • 73. Matcha Tea Cheesecake 5,75

    With passion fruit and chili
    soybean dairy nuts