Origins By Night

From Sunlight to Starlight: A Culinary Transformation at Origins

At Restaurant Origins, we know that sometimes, dining isn’t just about counting calories. During the day, our goodness bowls and fresh salads offer a health-conscious delight.

But when the night falls, we invite you to let go of the calorie-counting worries. Indulge in our sumptuous, soul-warming dishes that redefine nighttime dining. It’s a journey where flavours flourish, and every bite is an invitation to savour the extraordinary.

ūüĆě Daytime Delights: Revitalize Your Well-being ūüĆě

When the sun graces our restaurant during the day, we invite you to indulge in our exquisite salad bowls and fresh, wholesome dishes. Our vibrant creations are perfect pairings for your wellness journey, designed to make you feel good from the inside out. With every bite, you’ll taste the essence of health and vitality, as we believe that eating well is the first step towards feeling good.

ūüĆô Nighttime Enchantment: Warm Your Soul and Nourish Your Senses ūüĆô

As the stars take their place in the night sky, Origins undergoes a transformation, and so does our menu. Our dishes evolve into warm, comforting options that beckon you to share and savour the night. These creations are designed to warm your soul, tantalize your senses, and create moments that linger in your memory. Dining at Origins by Night is an experience that goes beyond nourishment; it’s about indulgence and the pleasure of shared dishes.

Whether you seek revitalization in the day or enchantment in the night, Origins is your destination. Join us to embrace the full spectrum of culinary delights – from the freshness of daylight to the warmth of starlight.

‚ú® Origins: Where Day and Night Unite in Culinary Harmony ‚ú®

Latest healthy dish for night time

Warm your soul with our Evening Menu

Available from 6pm – 10pm

To Start

  • 40. Duo of Hummus 7,50

    Traditional and beetroot hummus with grilled pita bread and crudities for dipping

  • 41. Herb Roasted Cauliflower 6,95

    Herbed, butter roasted cauliflower topped with Origins yoghurt sauce and pomegranate

  • 44. Burrata 7,50

    With green pesto, powdered black olives, Serrano ham and a lentil falafel

  • 45. Charcoal Baked 'Papa a la Huanca√≠na' 8,95

    Charcoal-baked potato, stuffed with minced chicken, Huancaína spicy sauce and pickled onions.

  • 46. Smoked Aubergine 8,50

    With roasted pistachios, chickpea hummus and a raspberry sauce.
    nuts sezamesulfates

  • 47. Pumpkin, Ginger & Coconut Cream 7

    Hot cream of moschata pumpkin, aromatic ginger and coconut soup. Accompanied with sourdough bread.

Main Courses

  • 50. High Protein Mezza Board 17 P.P

    Available for 2 or more.
    Two arabic herbed meatballs
    Skewers of beef marinated in arabic spices
    Honey and mustard roast chicken strips
    Shakshuka eggs or scrambled tofu
    Classic hummus
    Beetroot hummus
    Baba ganoush
    Origins guacamole
    Mixed green salad
    Pitta bread

  • 51. Honey & Mustard Chicken 11,50

    Charcoal oven roasted chicken breast marinated with honey and mustard, accompanied with sweet potato and fresh Origins’ guacamole.

  • 52. Lentil Falafel 8,75

    Beluga lentil falafel served with beetroot hummus, chickpeas and our zesty Origins’ yogurt salsa.
    dairy sezame sulfates

  • 62. Charcoal roasted salmon 15,95

    Oven roasted salmon fillet on a bed of Origins’ wild rice, accompanied with sweet roasted pumpkin and a saffron sauce.
    fish dairy nutscelery

  • 63. Arabic herbed Meatballs 8,95

    Drizzled in tahini sauce with pico de gallo, lime and smoked tomato, with smashed, crispy Canarian potatoes

  • 64. Origins Wow Chicken Curry 9,75
  • 65. Skewers of Beef Marinated in Ras El Hanout 11,75

    Tender beef skewers marinated in deep, rich, arabic spices served with sweet potato cubes.

  • 66. Origins Sweet Potato and Broken Eggs 7,75

    Fried eggs with Serrano ham, spring onion, poached onion and sriracha mayo on with sweet potato cubes

  • 55. Beef Tataki 15,95

    Spiced beef tataki with Origins’ wild rice, accompanied with oven roasted baba ganoush and a thick nutty muhammara sauce.
    nuts celery sezame fish

  • 68. Shakshuka or Scrabled Tofu 8,95

    Served with an almond and lemon basmati rice and rustic sourdough bread